INARRL Meeting – August 24th 2018 @ 7pm


Please join SIARA in attendance for the INARRL regional meeting this week.  This is a good opportunity for us as a new club to listen and learn about the ARRL and Indiana Section leadership.  Details are scarce about the meeting topic, but I believe it is a re-election campaign initiative for Kermit Carlson, WX9A.  Jimmy Merry (KC9RPX, president of the Bloomington Amateur Radio Club, INARRL Section Manager, and INARRL Club Coordinator) will be leading the meeting.  Meeting is hosted by BARC and Hoosier Hills Ham Club.  Come show your ARRL support, ask questions, and let the INARRL managers know who we are and how they are performing for Indiana Hams.  They represent us, and decisions they make affect all ARRL members.

Matt KB9YOJ, SIARA President


MEETING DETAILS: copied from INARRL Newsletter

Indiana ARRL regional meeting
August 24, 2018
401 N Morton Street
(Bloomington City Government Center, Showers Building)
Room 115 Council Chambers
Bloomington Indiana 47401
7 PM
All amateur radio operators are welcome to attend. Free parking
South end of building near canopies. Enter Southeast entrance of
Guest: Kermit Carlson WX9A, Central Division Director
The meeting will be co-hosted by the Hoosier Hills Ham Club of
Lawrence County and the Bloomington Amateur Radio Club.

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