Post Makevention Pics and Event Report

Makevention 2018 was a great event!  I had a blast speaking with MANY interested people.  We signed up around 20 new folks to the email list.  I must have talked to 100 different people.  Here are some pictures of our booth.  Thanks to Sheryl, Ross, Beth, Larry, Chris, and Anthony for helping to make the table AWESOME!  We had some challenges with the small HF loop and APRS, but we had a lot of fun.  We strung the “Field Day” 20 meter dipole across the parking lot.  It was attached to the brick pillar and a parking sign.  Mounted very low to the ground(around 12 feet) and we were still hitting eastern Europe on FT8 with ease.

Our booth sign.  Ham Radio is the King of Hobbies!

Full table setup.  We had the tripod loaded with the dual-band tape-measure Yagi, and a 900Mhz corner reflector.  FT8 on 20M, and APRS with Xastir on display.  The FT-450 was tuned to 40M monitoring CW transmissions.  The tape-measure Yagi got a lot of attention.  Thanks Chris KD9FRS!

From left to right: Ross W9YM, Larry W9LDC, and Anthony N9OIU.  Matt KB9YOJ on the iPhone camera.

Cool club sign!  Thanks Beth KD9EGP for the design and driving out on SR45 for the APRS beacons!

20 Meter dipole and coax choke we made during FD2018.  It was thrown together with small gauge electric fence wire and my junk box parts.  We were DXing within minutes ON THE CHEAP!!



Next year will be a larger setup.  TTFN!


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