2019 April 19th Meeting Minutes

Presentation: Ward Silver – Grounding & Bonding

Brief business meeting:

Our May meeting conflicts with Hamvention. Call for suggested alternatives:
Reschedule our meeting for another week or day
Move our meeting to coincide with K9IU meeting
Move our meeting to coincide with BARC meeting
Move meeting to correspond with Indiana QSO Party activities on May 4-5, 2019
Motion and second to move to correspond with May meeting for K9IU as much of that meeting will focus on coordinating plans for cooperative field day event.
Show of hands vote -> unanimously approved this plan.

Announcement about upcoming park activation and tailgate
April 27 (Saturday)
Donaldson Shelter in Spring Mill State Park
No charge from SIARA but park is collecting entrance fee
Pitch in refreshments
See https://73siara.org/2019/03/17/spring-2019-park-activation-and-swap-meet/
Available officers & members will meet informally at lunch on weds to coordinate some of the necessary efforts

Other discussion/topics
Anthony (N9OIU) mentioned he is going to hamvention for a day trip and will have room for passengers if anyone wants to come along
Tom (W9YW) mentioned he is going for the full event and will have some cargo space available
Brief discussion of multi club field day event with SIARA, K9IU, and BHSS clubs.

Minutes submitted by Sheryl KD9JKD 4/19/2019. If I missed or mangled anything, post a comment or send an email to 73siara at gmail dot com with your suggested edit.

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