SIARA May 2019 Meeting Rescheduled – Friday, May 24

UPDATE: SIARA, K9IU, and K9OSU officers have been chatting and we’ve renegotiated the meeting date to This Friday, May 24 at 6:00pm. We’re moving the meeting to the IMU Near the Bowling Ally. We’ll be planning for Field Day 2019 – come join the discussion!

During our April meeting, we discussed rescheduling our May 2019 meeting. Normally, we meet on the third Friday of each month (May 17) . However, this year that put our May meeting in conflict with Hamvention. And several SIARA members are planning to travel to Dayton/Xenia that weekend.

After talking through some options, we called a vote and unanimously decided to reschedule our May meeting to coincide with K9IU‘s May meeting – as we are likely to be coordinating joint participation in Field Day with that club (and perhaps K9SOU as well) again this year and it seems like a good opportunity to plan together.

K9IU meetings are normally the last Sunday of each month at 7:00pm. However, they may reschedule the May meeting due to the Memorial Day holiday. Stay tuned for updates.

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2 Responses to SIARA May 2019 Meeting Rescheduled – Friday, May 24

  1. N9OIU says:

    Indeed, K9IU will not be holding their meeting on the Sunday of Memorial Day; an email will be sent to the members list soon about a make-up day for the May Meeting; as well as posted here, too.

  2. Sheryl - KD9JKD says:

    I’ve updated this post to reflect the updated meeting time/date/place. May 24 (Friday) 6:00pm in the IMU.

    See you there!

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