SIARA Meeting Minutes for May 24, 2019

SIARA – K9IU – K9SOU Joint Planning Meeting for Field Day 2019 Minutes/notes

Discussion about liability insurance via ARRL. General consensus is it’s a necessity. Cost will be $200/year how can we fund it?

Donations came from those present to cover the cost.

Sheryl will deposit the funds on Saturday

Matt and Sheryl will place the order via the ARRL website.


Proposed amendment to address our current term limits. The concern is that our membership is not large enough to sustain the 2-year limit we wrote into the charter doc. Additional concern about how to manage the transition between each set of officers.

Sheryl will draft a written amendment and we will bring it to a vote at our June meeting (before our election).


Field Day Planning:  (notes in no particular order)

Event participants: SIARA (Host) with K9IU & K9SOU

SIARA meeting (Friday evening) will be a business meeting and then a hands on lab setting up antennas for Field day.

Location: Wrubel Field (same as last year) – Matt and Chris have received approval from UITS/facilities

Class 3A + GOTA

Everyone bring an HT for local/simplex comms

4 “Stations” each with a “captain” who will coordinate setup for that station

  1. Digital (FT8) Larry
  2. CW – Joe
  3. SSB – Chris
  4. GOTA and misc. other – Matt

Other roles we may want to designate:

Safety officer

CIB access roster/escort schedule

Hospitality coordinator (help coordinate meal orders so we don’t end up with 12 pizzas coming in in one hour)

Operating schedule for each station

CIB will be locked, but we have permission to enter (for restroom use, shelter from bad weather, heat relief, etc… with an escort who has cardkey access.

SIARA members with CIB access include, Matt, Chris, Sheryl, Larry, Beth, and maybe Ross (?).

Power resources:

Solar/battery (Chris)

Joe – generator

Cutchalls – generator

Anthony – battery

Larry – generator

Logging: N1MM. Chris, Matt, & Anthony will work on getting it set up to coordinate logs between stations and to communicate via mesh network. Captains should check in with them before Field Day for setup and settings info.

Gear/supplies to remember (things we wanted last year and did not have or wanted to pick up)

Extra extension cords

Power strips

Bug/insect control


If I missed or mangled anything, please use the comments field to add comments/corrections.


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