ARRL Field Day 2019! June 22 – 23

Free and Open to the Public!

Club members are encouraged to spread the word and invite friends & family to come by. SIARA is excited to operate for Field Day in conjunction with K9IU (IU’s Amateur Radio club) and K9SOU (Bloomington HS South’s Amateur Radio Club)!

Dates: Saturday, June 22 through Sunday, June 23
Time: Saturday 1:00 PM through Sunday at 5:00 PM
Where: 39°10’24.3″N 86°30’06.1″W (WCC Field) 10th & 45/46 Bypass, Bloomington, IN 47408
Address: (closest building=CIB) 2709 E. 10th Street, Bloomington, IN 47408

Attendees without an IU parking permit may park in spaces designated ST. Talk-in on the WB9TLH repeater: 146.64 MHz, -offset, 136.5 Hz tone.

Please join us for Amateur Radio’s annual “Open House”. Members of the public are welcome to come by, ask questions, and try using a ham radio with assistance from a licensed ham.

New hams are encouraged to come try some new bands under a General or Extra control operator. Experienced hams are encouraged to come check out a variety of modes and see what folks are running.

We’re planning to have the following stations up and running with the listed station captains

CW (Morse code) – Joe Fitter (K7JOE)

FT8 (digital) – Larry Carmichael (W9LDC)

SSB (voice) – Chris Eller (KD9FRS) & Neil Rapp (WB9VPG)

GOTA (get on the air!)

Callsign Trustee and misc. other FD duties – Anthony Parker (N9OIU)

Club members are welcome to bring gear and set up operations as well – help us rack up contacts and contest points for the club! Check in with any of the station captains for logging details to make sure your contacts count – we’re logging under the SIARA club call, N9SIA.  If interference between stations becomes an issue, and it can’t be resolved, the stations listed above will be given priority.

SIARA is not providing food, but members are encouraged to bring some cash and pool resources for carry-out/delivery, bring your own packed meals, or bring a dish or snacks to share pitch-in style. There will be a grill available for cooking. Sheryl Swinson (KD9JKD) will help coordinate food orders around meal times and, if you ask nicely, she might even make a few coordinated carryout and/or Kroger runs to save delivery fees.

The bugs are teaming already so you may want to bring citronella candles, your favorite bug spray, or wear permethrin treated clothing. You might also want to put a tarp, umbrella, a dry change of socks, or other wet-weather gear in your vehicle just in case it’s needed.

And, last but not least, Club Members are encouraged to come by early to help setup and stay late to help tear down.

Note: We’ll be building antennas at our regular club meeting on Friday (June 21). For details, see this announcement:

June 21 Meeting – Election Preparation, Antenna Building and Field Day Prep.

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