Morse Trainer Web App

I found a web-based version of Morse Trainer, referred to in the CWops training PDF for our CW course. It is formatted and follows the homework assignments listed in the PDF.

To practice Tuesday night’s Session 1:

Select “1/13” under the “Session” header:

Make sure the “Copying” tab is selected. Press the play button to hear the characters. To advance to the next character, press the “next track” play button. Note the “1/18” will advance. Character spacing can be adjusted on the right side of the screen.

When you are ready to practice session 2, advance to the next assignment by pressing the “Next” button under the Session header.

Hope this helps!!


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  1. Sheryl - KD9JKD says:

    Here is the online training link K7JOE has mentioned a few times in our sessions:

  2. Sheryl - KD9JKD says:

    Looking for the practice files K7JOE mentions in class? Those are on this page:

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