Local Frequency List

New to the area and not sure where people tend to hang out on air? Reprogramming a radio and want to make sure you get all the local repeaters in? Well, you’re in luck! Here’s a list of popular frequencies in use in the southern Indiana area.

This list is constantly being updated – if we’re missing a repeater or frequency, let us know and we’ll add it!

Frequency Offset Tone Information
146.640 136.5 WB9TLH – Monroe County Repeater Association
147.180 + 136.5 K9IU – Indiana University Amateur Radio Club
442.250 + 136.5 Lawrence County W9WIN repeater (Huron)
443.775 + 136.5 Monroe County W9WIN repeater (Bloomington)
444.925 + 136.5 Washington County W9WIN repeater (Salem)

Indiana Repeater Council

Follow the link here (http://www.ircinc.org/) to be directed to the Indiana Repeater Council’s website. The IRC is our statewide repeater coordination association, and also maintains the Indiana frequency database for repeaters. Searching the Repeater Directory and downloadable files are available for radio programming.

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